ForeGroundBuster: Parametric component separation for Cosmic Microwave Background observations (WP6.2)

PS4C example This library provides easy-to-use functions related to the maximum-likelihood formalism applied to parametric component separation. The package provides tools for

  • the separation of frequency maps into component maps (Stompor et al. 2009)
  • the forecast of component separation performances in terms of both characterization of the foregrounds and constraints on the post-component separation CMB angular power spectrum


FGBuster is publicly available at


The documentation is available at
It contains a presentation of the package, instructions about how to install and a detailed description of the API. Several examples are also worked out to showcase the main functionalities — which include component separation, forecasting the performances of a given experimental configuration. The library also includes a module that allows to both evaluate popular SEDs and define custom ones very easily.