Detection of polarised radio sources: IFCAPOL

IFCAPOL We provide IFCAPOL, a FORTRAN90 package that implements the Filtered Fusion technique for the detection/estimation of the polarized emission from compact sources in microwave sky maps.


The open source code is publicly available here.

Installation and dependencies.

The codes are written in FORTRAN90. The code is provided as gzipped tar file containing eight f90 module files plus a Makefile for installation. The code needs also a C++ compiler and it also depends on a number of FORTRAN90 libraries:

  • cfitsio for FITS files input/output
  • healpix for manipulation of HEALPix [6] spherical sky maps
  • Daniel Mortlock’s general and sphere libraries [7] for fast projection of HEALPix maps into planar patches


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